Particular Perfumes

Green Tea, by Elizabeth Arden
Green Tea Scent Spray , Eau Parfumee, Vaporisateur

This is a fragrance I finally purchased, after being undecided for some time. I have not been disappointed. Its very different from many of my perfumes, and I love it more and more. Many have said its a lighter fragrance, and I have found that to be true also. What did surprise me is the lasting power, many hours later. I didn't expect to smell it still on the inside of my wrist, but I did. So maybe that is just me, but it sticks with me, while never overpowering in the first place. I do find that to be a definite plus in perfumes! I guess this fragrance smells as much like Green Tea could in a perfume, but its very nice, and kind of "outdoorsy" to me. Its pleasant, and definitely not too sweet, spicy, or flowery. Just perfect for the perfect mood. :)

Burberry London Perfumed Body Lotion

This is a nice fragrance, that I found out about by simply asking people what their favorites were. :) What a pleasant surprise to find Burberry London, perfumed body lotion. I like it, and struggle with the best way to describe it. Its very nice, a little "heavy", but classy, and like it transports me far away somewhere (if that makes any sense.) A very complex fragrance. I need to come up with better ways to describe it. I have enjoyed trying it and wearing it. It seems a bit different in fragrance from my Burberry London plaid perfumed bottle. (The plaid, is actually a cotton cloth "wrapping" around the bottle, very very nice. I had never seen anything like this before in a perfume.) This is a 6.6 Fl. oz., and in a cream colored container/tube. There is a knight on a horse, pictured on the back. As for staying power, this one has incredible staying power. It will stay until I wash it off pretty much. Thats a good perfume!

Chance Eau Fraiche by Chanel

I got a sample of this, and really love it! I may have to purchase this one, as it is very pleasant to me. If you haven't smelled this one, you need to try it. There are a couple different ones that Chanel has made in this line. I really like this one, its a keeper. At this time, I need to add, that this doesn't stay on me too well :( It fades rather quickly on me.

Miss Dior, Cherie Delights, by Dior

This is one of those perfumes that "takes me back" (partially) to something, but I cannot quite pinpoint the memory. Its a nice fragrance, its pleasant even though a bit floral in tone. Its a beautiful little bottle, from what I see, and is lovely. Would want to try again to make sure I like it, before I buy it. Tried on my wrists. Same price as perfume below.

J'adore Golden Goddess, by Dior

I found this perfume to be too strong, and flowery for me to enjoy. I just put it in the inside of each wrist, to give it a chance, but for some reason I recalled not liking something about it. I wanted to give it a second chance, but alas, it is not something I enjoyed. Won't be purchasing in the future. I am sure that it may be just lovely on someone else though. At this time, this perfume costs $75.00 for 1.7 oz.

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