Women's Perfume

Eternity Eau De Toilette I so wanted to like this perfume I got in a nice little Calvin Klein set not long ago. Its rather musky in a smokey heavy way. It is like it just didn't mix with my personal chemistry. However, do not give up on it, as it could smell wonderful on you! I read some rave reviews on Eternity, it is many people's #1 perfume, their personal favorite. I wish I liked it, but I do not, and my husband does not either.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood I really like this one, if I am going out on the town or dressing up some. I think I would have to be in the mood for it though! I love the bottle and the fragrance is very unique and something that I am very pleasantly surprised by. I hope to get a bottle of this soon.

Armani Code for Women I really like this one! I love the bottle as well, very sleek, dark with blue on it. Very lovely fragrance but I am still trying it out before I take the plunge. I like it very much, but its almost a bit overwhelming. We shall see.

True Religion by Christian Audigier I really like this one! I love the big "jewel" on the front of the packaging, and something that is very interesting about this, is that it reminds me of Light Blue by Dolce and Gabana. That is another one I just love and has become very popular among many people! Its like True religion could be a close relative of Light Blue, with a twist. Try this one out!